Thursday, August 2, 2012

Using the GPS unit and the focal reducer - great improvements!

… left it running the entire day and it’s still not done. Weired. It finally finished in the evening, but the result was pretty bad (had some bad artifacts). I’m sure that something went wrong. But for now, I’ll probably stick with RegiStax - it also only requires one transformation, not two.

Today, I picked up the focal reducer and the GPS unit from work. Played with both.

The GPS unit makes the initial alignment process much easier - just one time confirmation. Done. Though my alignment wasn’t great. Have to try this out again, I hope that it was because I picked up wrong stars or such.

Tried also the focal reducer. Makes the Image half as zoomed.

Did a longer session with the Polaris start (took the lights with DSLR Shutter - MUCH easier). Took 50 pics.

And then I took another moon movie.

Pre-processed both. Results are OK, but I really have to start figuring out the post-processing process to get more details, color and sharpness.