Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Golden State Star Party - Night 3

Well, the guiding gods are not really with me. Although I moved my scope lower, I couldn't get better guiding then 1 arcsec RMS. Definitively not accurate enough for the Eagle Nebula:

One can make out some nebula details, but the stars are horrible :-(

But I had much better luck with my DSLR images last night. First, I took some shots of the milky way with our camp in the foreground:

A little dark - I might try these tonight with higher ISO.

After that I did extra wide angle images of the Sagittarius region, the Cassiopeia/Cygnus region and then a 50mm shot of the North America nebula. Here are the images just after stacking and super basic stretching:

 Yes, there are some artifacts - especially in the corners. But I hope that with some proper processing and adequate cropping these will turn out good.

4th Night